What I Do

Art has always been at the forefront of my interests and I feel it is a God-given gift. It is something that I gravitate toward and I always strive to represent everything as realistically as I can. I became interested in art at a very young age and began carving at the age of 8. Other than a few tips and pointers that I received along the way, I have been self-taught at carving. I had the privilege of having private art lessons in high school with Lynn Johnson who was a very accomplished artist and a great mentor.
Wildlife and landscape art are what I thrive at although I am not limited to them. I would like to be able to create artwork that people would be happy to purchase and share with their friends and family. It is also my desire to glorify God with the gift He has given me.
The artwork that I produce is charcoal and graphite drawings, acrylic paintings, wood carvings, and pyrography (wood burning).
The items that I currently have for sale are pictured on my Facebook page. Samples are noted as such and can be reproduced and prints can be made available.
For pricing or other questions, you can private message me through Facebook or email me at redneck106@comcast.net.